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UK Mobile Signal Boosting


Are you struggling with weak mobile signal in your building and considering a mobile signal booster? Here's what you need to know to keep you on the right side of the law.

Ofcom Signal Boosting Regulations

In the UK, mobile signal boosters are regulated by Ofcom, the national communications regulatory authority, to ensure they do not interfere with licensed mobile networks and other radio communications. This page highlights the key regulations you need to know before purchasing and using a mobile signal booster in the UK.

License-exempt devices

In the UK, Ofcom permits the use of specific low-powered mobile signal boosters classified as “license-exempt devices”. These devices minimise the risk of interference with mobile networks and can be used without requiring a license. Our Amplifi-Qx solutions are powered by Cel-Fi signal boosters that are license-exempt.

Technical specifications

To comply with Ofcom’s requirements, license-exempt mobile signal boosters must meet specific technical requirements, including power limits and frequency bands. These requirements ensure that the device operates within the permissible radio frequency (RF) spectrum and does not cause harmful interference. All of the products we use comply with Ofcom’s technical requirements.

Network-safe devices

Ofcom mandates that mobile signal boosters are “network-safe”, meaning they should not interfere with the normal operation of mobile networks. Network-safe devices include features such as automatic gain control, which prevents the booster from amplifying signals beyond the permitted levels, and automatic shut-off or reduction in gain in case of network interference. Every Amplifi-Qx solution uses network-safe Cel-Fi boosters.

CE marking

Mobile signal boosters sold in the UK should carry a CE mark, indicating that they comply with the relevant European Union directives and regulations, including the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). This ensures that the device meets the necessary safety, health, and environmental standards. All Cel-Fi products carry the CE mark.

Approved devices

Ofcom maintains a list of approved mobile signal boosters that meet their regulatory requirements. Before purchasing a signal booster, it’s essential to verify that the device is approved by Ofcom to ensure compliance with UK regulations.

Signal Solutions Amplifi-Qx
Amplifi-Qx Powered By Cel-Fi
Our mobile signal solutions are licence-exempt and fully meet the regulatory requirements in the UK (Ofcom SI 2022/595)
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