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Mobile Signal Enhancement

How It Works

Discover how mobile signal boosting works and how every one of our Amplifi-Qx solutions comes with a full set of guarantees.

What is a mobile signal solution?

Poor mobile phone signal can cause large-scale problems for the modern business; with the problem set to get worse as the rollout of 5G gathers pace. But if poor mobile signal is a problem in your building, you do have a number of options available to you. Installing an Amplifi-Qx signal solution from Signal Solutions is one such option.

With a mobile signal solution from Signal Solutions, the mobile signal surrounding your building can be brought inside and distributed throughout, significantly improving the mobile signal for voice and data.

Is mobile signal boosting legal?

The short answer is YES!

In April 2018, UK communications regulator Ofcom enforced new regulations called the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Repeater) (Exemption) Regulations 2018. These rules allow you to use specific mobile signal repeaters without having to get a licence.

We only use boosters that comply with the Ofcom regulations.

Our boosters are classed as static mobile phone repeaters for indoor use and are ideal for commercial buildings with poor signal for many reasons:

The Install Process


The first thing we’ll do is establish your exact requirements. Before visiting your building for the first time, we’ll ask some initial questions to uncover the extent of the signal problem in your building. Once we have a clear view of the situation, we’ll carry out a desktop survey. This is done remotely and provides you with plenty of additional information on the potential solutions available to you, as well as an initial guide on the investment required. We don’t charge for a desktop survey and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed.

The next stage, the site survey, involves a visit to site to confirm that the proposed solution is viable and to ascertain whether there are any additional considerations that may impact the project. We’ll use the latest signal testing equipment to carry out a comprehensive signal test in the areas you are experiencing issues in. We’ll also take signal readings from outside the building to ensure that the mobile signal is strong enough to be boosted.

Site surveys cost £495+VAT and include a detailed site survey report which will be sent to you shortly after the survey is complete. This will contain all of the signal readings and will act as the basis of the project requirements moving forward.

Request Desktop Survey
Simply complete this form to request a desktop survey.


Once the project scope has been agreed, we’ll schedule a date for the work to begin. We aim to begin every job within 4 weeks, but can sometimes accommodate tighter timescales if required. This is not guaranteed and will depend on the complexity of the project.

You’ll be kept fully updated as we approach your installation date, and we’ll be in touch with you regularly as the installation works proceed.

Installations can take as little as a single day, up to multiple weeks based on the area to be covered and the complexity of the project. As a guide, a typical  mobile signal solution will take 3-4 days to install and provision.

Once our engineers have finished installing the necessary cable and then internal and external antennas, a member of our provisioning team will also visit site to enable your boosters and ensure everything is working perfectly.


We’ll run additional signal tests once everything has been provisioned to ensure that we have achieved the optimal signal strength based on the outside signal strength. We’ll record these readings and include them as part of our project completion documentation.

You’ll get the full benefit of improved signal immediately, but we’ll remotely monitor everything for the first 6 weeks to ensure that there aren’t fluctuations in the signal strength and quality that you are receiving. *

To finish things off, we’ll contact you 6-8 weeks after the installation to ensure that you are fully happy with your new signal solution.

* Additionally, we can provide a fully managed maintenance package to ensure that your signal solution is monitored on an ongoing basis, ensuring that you always receive the best signal available in your area and that any potential hardware issues are identified and fixed as quickly as possible.