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Each new Amplifi-Qx solution starts with a free Desktop Survey to give you a clear guide of the investment required and the likely timescales.

What is a desktop survey?

Our desktop surveys are the first stage of any signal solution project. We call them desktop surveys because they are produced without visiting your building (that comes later), and we typically create them whilst sitting at our desks!

What does a desktop survey include?

Prior to creating your desktop survey, we’ll need to ask you a few simple questions about your building (or buildings) and what the mobile signal is like outside of the building. Floor-plans are always very useful, but don’t worry if you don’t have any or they aren’t easily available.

Once we’ve got some key details such as the size of the area you are looking to boost the mobile signal in and which mobile network(s) you want to improve, we’ll put together your desktop survey.

Typically you’ll receive your desktop survey 1-2 days after requesting it, but this will depend on availability and the scale of the project. Either way, we’ll stay in touch to keep you informed of progress.

Once you receive your desktop survey, you’ll have a clear view of the potential cost of your project as well as an estimation of possible timescales. The desktop survey is free and there’s no obligation to proceed to the site survey stage if you don’t want to.

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Simply complete this form to register your interest in a free desktop survey. A member of the team will be in touch to gather the relevant information that we'll need.