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Will poor signal be the death of #foodporn?

signal boosters for restaurants
Shocking survey results reveal modern diners’ attitudes to bad network coverage in UK restaurants.

It used to be considered rude to get your phone out at the table in a restaurant.

These days? You’re rude if you aren’t Instagramming your food before you’ve even tried it.

That’s according to a recent poll by Global Wireless Solutions, anyway.

See, the survey of 2000 respondents found that 26% are browsing while at the table, with 23% heading onto Instagram and Facebook specifically.

Frustrating for restaurateurs in one sense, but the publicity they get when customers share pictures of their dishes is pretty priceless.

It’s not all plain sailing though.

That same survey found that 28% have been frustrated by slow browser speeds while trying to connect in restaurants.

More than a fifth (23%) say they’ve “been forced” to go outside to use their phone. And 11% claimed to have had their entire restaurant experience ruined due to poor mobile connectivity.

It might be pretty shocking to read, but it’s important to know this stuff if you’re in the restaurant industry.

And it’s not just the diners’ experiences that get hampered by connectivity concerns. The staff feel it too.

That’s because a crazy 13% admitted they wouldn’t order if they couldn’t get online on their phones while dining.

A shocking 12% said they wouldn’t tip if staff didn’t know the WiFi code too.

Pretty astonishing really.

But it is a symptom of modern life, and one that restaurateurs would be sensible to respond to.

So how do you keep the Instagrammers happy, especially when 29% are unable to connect even when a restaurant offers WiFi?

The answer’s pretty simple, and one that’ll keep the posters posting and the hipsters flocking.

You get a mobile signal booster.

Using cutting edge tech and the UK’s only products that comply with Ofcom licensing laws, Signal Solution’s Amplifi-Qx solutions will provide complete coverage for your restaurant.

With our bespoke antenna systems, you’ll have affordable, reliable and compliant mobile signal is at your fingertips.

And it’ll cost you less than you think.

So if you’d consider your restaurant to be one of the more Instagrammable ones out there, but you’re suffering from poor network coverage, let’s talk.

Mark Rose
Mark Rose
As co-founder of Signal Solutions, Mark's signal boosting knowledge is second to none. Mark has worked on a large number of signal projects over the years, from straightforward single-booster projects, to large scale installations across multiple buildings.