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What’s The Latest On 5G?

latest on 5g mobile signal

It feels like we’ve been discussing 5G FOREVER, so where are we at?

The latest shiny phone advert comes onto our screens, shouting about being 5G enabled and we’re all left asking, “But when will we need it?”
Where are we with 5G?
3G saw the introduction of smart phones, 4G brought high speed and high quality which gave us better security, lowered the cost of voice and data services and enabled faster browsing, gaming and streaming experiences.
5G (5th generation) is the next step in mobile technology which will bring the potential of the future, into our lives today.
Sounds amazing doesn’t it?!

But what difference does 5G make and why do we need it?

We’re consuming more and more data every year, video and music streaming has increased and the existing spectrum bands are really struggling to cope.
5G is much faster than the previous generations of wireless technology. There are various claims as to how fast 5G will actually be, but we can expect it to be at least 10 times quicker than the current 4G speed.
5G also reduces latency – the time delay between instructing your device to do something – and it actually doing it.
It will also offer greater capacity, thousands of devices in one area can be connected at the same time. Which means better signal no matter how crowded the area, great for when we get back to festivals, concerts and football.

How could 5G be used?

For most of us it’ll mean we’re able to download films faster, stream games without buffering and video calls will be sharper too.
If you’re used to getting your deliveries dropped off by someone on four wheels, 5G could see the introduction of drone deliveries for parcels and takeaways. Both Amazon and UPS have been testing drone deliveries, suggesting the technology isn’t far off.
And it goes further than just bringing us our shopping… Multiple drones could be used to carry out search and rescue missions, farmers will use them to monitor and spray their crops. Drones will be able to collect data and transmit it at lightning speed.
And then there’s autonomous vehicles…
5G a major player in autonomous driving?
Government data indicates driver behaviour is behind 94% of crashes on our roads.
Driverless vehicles will communicate with each other, read live traffic and map data -reducing the number of crashes.
It could also bring major changes to healthcare. Surgical procedures can be carried out remotely using robotic arms, and medical students can practise surgery in a connected, virtual reality environment.

Sounds incredibly futuristic doesn’t it, so where are we with the rollout?

Most of the major networks have launched 5G wireless technology already. How much coverage there is depends on your provider and your location.
If you’re experiencing mobile signal drop-out or you’re situated in a rural area with poor coverage, our boosters increase signal by as much as 1,000 times. And that means you don’t need to wait for the slow paced rollout of 5G…
If you want to get ahead and ensure you stay connected now AND in the future, chances are a Nextivity booster is exactly the thing you need.
And the good news is that our boosters are 100% legal to use, compatible with every UK mobile network and unconditionally network safe. They’re licence exempt and 100% legal to use under Ofcom regulations too.
Shall we talk about installing a Signal Solutions mobile signal booster on your premises? Give us a buzz on 020 3823 7365.
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