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Vodafone Are Retiring Their Sure Signal Product – What Now?

vodafone retiring sure signal

Vodafone are retiring Sure Signal – so what should you do if you still need reliable phone service?

Vodafone are about to withdraw Sure Signal, so what should people and businesses who suffer from poor service do now?

Now that people are slowly returning back to the office after a turbulent year, this is the time to ensure your internet and signal is in full working order.

With more people permanently working from home, or doing a hybrid of telecommuting and, err, actual commuting, you need to be able to stay connected, keep syncing and create reliable back-ups every minute of the day.

So what can you do to make sure your business keeps functioning efficiently and effectively in the sudden absence of Sure Signal?

What was Sure Signal?

Sure Signal used to manipulate your home broadband connection to create a 3G signal, enabling you to make calls and carry on as usual, despite a poor phone reception in your area.

A problem-solver for not-spots if you will.

It’s basically a simple 3G signal booster, that’s plugged into your existing broadband connection. The benefit? A reliable way to make calls and contact people in speedy fashion, without any interruptions or complications.


Why are Vodafone getting rid of Sure Signal?

Vodafone are getting rid of the service in September 2021 because they reckon there’s not enough use for it in the modern world.

Networks have improved, mobile technology and signal are far better than ever, Wi-Fi can do everything we need to make telecommuting work – so Sure Signal’s no longer needed … right?

Not exactly, no.

At the moment, research shows that just 67% of the UK enjoys coverage from all four major operators, and in 2017, the BBC discovered that 70% of ALL UK firms experience partial or total not-spots too – areas where there’s no mobile coverage from any operators.

So while mobile technology and infrastructure aren’t quite ready for the seismic shift to remote working, what should anyone who’s been relying on Sure Signal do to ensure business as usual?

What should Sure Signal customers do now?

If you’ve been relying on Sure Signal to keep your home or workspace linked to the outside world, and now you’re wondering what on earth you’re supposed to do, take a deep breath and keep reading. There’s an answer, and it’s simple.

And best of all, it doesn’t involve relying on Wi-Fi calling – which Vodafone has suggested is the answer to your worries. With more people using broadband than ever, you could too easily fall foul of Wi-Fi issues, like slow connection and unreliability.

If you want to find out more, you can read this article about why you really can’t rely on Wi-Fi for EVERYTHING.

Before you invest any money in a solution, make sure you check how your connectivity’s doing these days, and find out if the signal in your area has improved since you first had your Sure Signal solution installed.

And if your fears are confirmed, and you definitely do need an alternative now that Sure Signal’s going in the bin, ask us about our mobile signal boosters.

What is a mobile signal booster?

A mobile signal booster from Signal Solutions is the ideal way to improve your mobile signal in buildings suffering from poor mobile signal.

They’re bad news for not-spots and GREAT news for your mobile connectivity, meaning you can guarantee reliable calling and uninterrupted work every minute of the day.

The product is perfectly legal, pushing signal into every nook and cranny of your building and keeping you connected.

If you want a reliable way to improve your business, this is it. We can even remotely monitor everything to ensure there aren’t fluctuations in the signal strength and quality that you receive.

So if you’ve been searching for an answer for your workspace signal woes, look no further than this easy, affordable and 100% legal mobile signal booster to wipe out all your problems and bring the excellent connectivity you’re used to outside into your house or office.

John Baker
John Baker
John is a key part of the Signal Solutions Senior Team, having co-founded the company in 2020. With over 20 years spent working in telecoms, John brings a wealth of experience to the team.