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The pent-up demand is coming – is your signal ready to cope?

the pent up demand

Following the removal of Portugal from the UK’s green list for travel, the government has pushed back the date for the easing of lockdown by four weeks.

That date in the diary, 21st June, needs to be scribbled out and a note needs to be made next to 19th July. Maybe in pencil this time.

But kicking the can down the road just increases that pent-up demand.

Think about it… It’s another four weeks where there’s still a higher level of restrictions and there are some things you still can’t do.

What does that mean?

Everyone wants to do them EVEN MORE.

And when the time comes, that pent-up demand is going to hit like a tidal wave.

So, the question is…

Is your business ready to cope with the pent-up demand?!

Your staff are ready, you’ve got the business plan prepped, your strategy is sorted, and you might have even plotted out your marketing activity over the next few months.

But what about your mobile signal?


It’s one of the most overlooked aspects of any business. Over the last year and a bit, it’s become even more overlooked too.

Because so many people have been working from home, and still are, you haven’t had to think about it.

Sure, your WiFi might be good, but how’s the mobile signal?

Even if it’s poor, you might not have given it much thought. Because you don’t really need it, you’ve got WiFi, you’re all connected and it’s no major issue.

But what if you miss a call?

What if you’ve got clients visiting?

What if your signal drops mid-call?

If you’ve not had clients in the building for a while, the issue might have dropped off your radar entirely.

But it could be immensely frustrating if they need to make a call – or take a call – and they can’t because the signal is naff.


Think about the nature of your business...

Are you a client-focused business?

Do relationships with clients really matter to you?

Do you know how your customers feel about the poor quality of mobile signal?

The poor signal might not affect you too badly but think about what matters to your customers.

If your business prides itself on relationships with clients, then you’ve got to make your offices a place where people want to come.

If a prospective client arrives for the day and you have to tell them that they won’t be able to take any calls in the office, it’s not the best first impression.

You might not even know that it’s an issue, but believe me, your clients will.

The moment they get that little red exclamation mark next to their message and the ‘message failed to send’ icon pops up, they’ll know.

Poor mobile phone signal can present all kinds of problems for modern businesses.

So, what can you do to make sure your business is ready for the pent-up demand?!

The first thing is – if you’ve got an issue, act now.

Mobile signal boosters could provide you with the solution you need to keep your business moving.

But what are they?

A mobile signal booster will take the mobile signal that surrounds your building and bring it inside, distributing it throughout the building to significantly improve the mobile signal.

But are they legal?

Yep. 100%.

In April 2018, Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, enforced new regulations that allow you to use specific mobile signal repeaters without the need for a licence.

And we ONLY use boosters that comply with Ofcom’s regulations as per the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Repeater) (Exemption) Regulations 2018 stipulations.

All our boosters are classified as static mobile phone repeaters for indoor use, and they’re perfect for commercial buildings with poor signal!

So, if you’re planning ahead for a busy summer, maybe now’s the right time to finally get that mobile signal issue sorted?


If so, here’s how it works…

The very first thing we’ll do is get to know exactly what your requirements are as we find out the extent of your signal woes.

From there we can then carry out a remote desktop survey before we conduct an on-site survey to confirm that the solution, we’re proposing is the right one for you.

Plus, that’ll make sure that there’s nothing else that could be causing issues!

Once we’ve taken all the readings, measurements, and got everything we need to proceed, we can get on with the installation.

We aim to begin every job within 4 weeks, and we’ll keep you up to date throughout, so you’ll know when you can finally send a text message at the first time of asking!

After installation, we’ll come out to you and carry out quality checks – just to make sure everything’s all good.

We’ll run some further signal tests, so we know that you’ve got the maximum signal strength possible, and that’s that.

You’re all ready for the pent-up demand – another box ticked off and you’re all set.

If you want to make sure you’re ready for the pent-up demand to strike, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Give us a call on 020 3823 7365 and we can talk signal boosters.

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Mark Rose
As co-founder of Signal Solutions, Mark's signal boosting knowledge is second to none. Mark has worked on a large number of signal projects over the years, from straightforward single-booster projects, to large scale installations across multiple buildings.