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The ideal signal solution for your construction customers

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What should you say when a customer wants you to improve their signal – but you can’t physically move their building any closer to the nearest cell tower?!

Whether you work for a construction company, an AV business or an electrical firm, you’ve probably come across the same question from your customers numerous times:
Can you do something about our terrible mobile signal?
Now, we know you’re not a magician, and it’s not your fault that the structure and materials of their building are stopping mobile signal from getting in.
But do they realise that? Do they really care? Of course they don’t, they just want that signal so they can kiss goodbye to missed calls and not-spots.

What your customers don’t realise when it comes to mobile signal

What your average building manager or owner doesn’t get is that there’s not a whole lot you’re going to be able to do to rectify their signal problem – unless, of course:
  • You’re able to start again and rebuild the place from scratch, using older, less green materials that’ll let the signal get in
  • Or you can pick up their building and plonk it closer to the nearest signal tower
  • Or you’ve got the means to plough down any trees, hills or tall buildings between the customer and the closest cell tower
Maybe you can do those things (and if so, don’t tell anyone how, because there’s lots of money to be made for you my friend!), but our guess is that each of these “simple” solutions is a little beyond your remit.

But why should you care about the solution anyway?

It’s your customer’s problem, not yours, right? Well, sort of. But in the grand scheme of things, the happier your customer, the longer they’re likely to stay loyal to your company and buy from you again in future.
And now that more teams are beginning to return to the office and there’s a greater need for easy communication than there’s ever been, you’ll really shine if you can provide your customer with the answer to their mobile mystery.
Same goes for your domestic clients who’ve started working from home during the last year and who are unlikely to make the shift back to the office – maybe not ever.

So what can you tell them? What is the solution to poor mobile signal?

It’s pretty simple really – and it’s a solution you can repeat to any frustrated customer, no matter where they are, no matter how thick their walls or big their windows.
Mobile signal boosters.
They’re clever little devices that amplify the signal in each and every building out there, from the smallest homes to the biggest office blocks.
And the point of them is…?
They’ll guarantee your customers the
strong mobile connection they’re craving.
Without you having to rip the building from its foundations for them, and without you having to bulldoze through the surrounding hills.
At Signal Solutions, we provide a range of mobile signal boosters, which can be used both domestically and commercially – so business customers can support as many phones as they need, and anyone can stop suffering from cut calls and not-spots. 
In your line of work, you’ve probably seen all sorts of buildings, with plenty of bizarre structures and unusual configurations, created for the exact purposes of the business inside.
We can help there too. Our solutions are powerful enough to supply strong signal in even the most unconventional of make-ups.

What do your customers need to know about our solutions?

Here’s where things get slightly tricky – because there aren’t that many legal mobile signal boosting solutions available on the market – and it’d be pretty awkward for both us and you if you ended up sending your customers in the wrong (illegal) direction!
Right now, there’s only one manufacturer that’s licence exempt and meets Ofcom regulations. They’re called Nextivity.
Their “Cel-Fi” products boost signals by as much as 1000 times, but only over limited distances to avoid interference. They qualify each channel individually too, so that results are focused, and the infrastructure behind the products is all network safe.
We use Nextivity Cel-Fi technology to make every single one of our boosters work, making them among the only legal to use products in the UK:
  • They’re 100% legal to use
  • They’re unconditionally network safe
  • They’re calibrated to reach the maximum legal signal gain at each level
  • They’re accepted by UK regulators
  • They provide high quality signal in areas where coverage is poor or non-existent
  • They’re compatible with every mobile network
So if you want to recommend a solution to your customers that won’t land you in a heap of trouble…
If you want to build better relationships, make clients like you more, and make them more likely to be loyal in future…
And if you genuinely care about helping them improve their frustrating mobile signal problem – legally and satisfactorily…
Then please feel free to send them in our direction, or request an information pack that you can simply pass on to your customers the moment they mention mobile signal. Just give us a call on 020 3823 7365 or send an email to
Michelle Lenan
Michelle Lenan
Apart from officially being the most enthusiastic member of the Signal Solutions team, Michelle plays a key role in our mission to fix the UK's mobile signal problem. She spends her days creating blog posts and spreading the word across our social media platforms.