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Understanding Signal Boosting Regulations

Understanding signal boosting regulations
Mobile signal boosters are an essential tool for improving connectivity in areas with weak signal strength. However, the UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, has set strict regulations to ensure the integrity of mobile networks and prevent interference.

Let’s take a deeper look at Ofcom’s signal boosting regulations and the requirements that make a signal booster license-exempt, and examine why CEL-FI signal boosters by Nextivity are currently the only legal option in the UK.

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Ofcom's Signal Boosting Regulations

Ofcom’s signal booster regulations exist to protect mobile networks and their users from potential disruption caused by unauthorised signal boosters.

To be considered compliant and exempt from licensing, signal boosters must meet several key requirements outlined by Ofcom:

No Interference

The booster must not cause harmful interference to mobile networks or disrupt other users’ connectivity. It must be designed to minimise the risk of interference by automatically adapting to changes in the network environment.
Ofcom Signal Boosting Regulations
Ofcom are responsible for regulating the use of mobile signal boosters in the UK

Network Safe

The device must be recognised and approved by the mobile network operator. It should only amplify the signals of the network it is designed for and must not negatively impact the network’s operation or other users.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

The booster should have built-in AGC technology to prevent oscillation and maintain optimal performance without causing interference. AGC ensures the device operates within a specific range, adjusting the gain based on the strength of the input signal.

Uplink and Downlink Shutdown

The device must automatically shut down or reduce gain in both uplink and downlink directions when it detects the potential for interference or when it is no longer needed. This feature helps prevent any negative impact on the mobile network.

Consequences of Using Illegal Boosters

Installing a license-exempt signal booster is crucial for staying within the bounds of UK law and avoiding potential penalties.

License-exempt boosters are those that meet Ofcom’s stringent requirements and have been approved for use without a license.

By using a license-exempt booster, you ensure that you are not causing any disruption or interference to the mobile network or other users.

Using an illegal signal booster can have serious consequences, as Ofcom actively enforces the signal boosting regulations surrounding these devices. If you are found using a non-compliant booster, you may face:


Ofcom can impose financial penalties on individuals or businesses using illegal signal boosters. These fines can be substantial, potentially reaching thousands of pounds.


Ofcom has the authority to seize any illegal signal boosters and related equipment.

Legal Action

In severe cases, Ofcom may pursue legal action against individuals or businesses found to be using non-compliant signal boosters, which could result in prosecution and criminal charges.

Damage to Reputation

For businesses, being found in breach of signal boosting regulations can harm your reputation and potentially impact your relationship with customers and partners.

CEL-FI Boosters: the Only Legal Option in the UK

CEL-FI signal boosters, such as the CEL-FI QUATRA 4000e, are the only devices on the market that meet all of Ofcom’s stringent requirements, making them legal and license-exempt in the UK.
These intelligent devices are specifically designed to comply with Ofcom’s regulations, and they come with several key features that ensure their compliance:
  • CEL-FI devices use advanced technology to automatically adapt to changes in the network environment, ensuring no interference with other users or the mobile network.
  • CEL-FI signal boosters are approved by all major UK mobile network operators and are designed to work exclusively with the specific network they are connected to.
  • The devices are equipped with AGC technology, maintaining optimal performance without causing interference.
  • CEL-FI signal boosters include automatic uplink and downlink shutdown features, ensuring they do not cause any disruption to the mobile network.


Understanding Ofcom’s signal boosting regulations is crucial for ensuring compliance and avoiding potential fines or legal action.

By choosing a reputable provider like Signal Solutions and opting for CEL-FI signal boosters, you can guarantee that you are using a legal, approved, and license-exempt solution for improving your mobile connectivity.

For more information on how Signal Solutions can help you enhance your mobile connectivity with our range of CEL-FI signal boosters, please contact our team of mobile signal boosting specialists, or simply complete the form below to get started.

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