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Introducing Marshall Cooper; The Newest Member of Team Signal!

Marshall Cooper
We’re a tight-knit bunch at Signal Solutions.  So, when someone new joins the team, we do some pretty intense vetting … introducing Marshall Cooper of Signal Solutions!

As you know from our previous intro with Stewart, it’s a pretty stern test.

Well, we ask them what their three favourite films are, anyway. 

And we’re delighted to introduce Marshall Cooper; Signal Solutions’ latest mobile signal engineer.

To get to know Marshall a bit better, we asked him a few questions –  and after some careful consideration, we have decided he can stay!


So, Marshall, welcome aboard! Let’s get things started by finding out what you do in your day to day role?

The majority of my days are spent on-site, either completing initial signal surveys or helping with installations. Other days are spent in the office writing up the surveys and mocking up equipment.

What’s your favourite film?

This is difficult, I have never really thought about what would be my absolute favourite, but one film that will always be close to my heart is The Fast and the Furious. My Dad and I found a copy in a charity shop, and I’ve been hooked on cars ever since.

Tell us a bit about your background?

I am from Godalming. Between my years at university, I worked summers in construction. I am keen to explore and learn about the technology we use.

What are your top 3 books? - or if you're not a reader, what are your top 3 films?

With my entire reading portfolio amounting to nothing more than a couple of autobiographies and the hunger games trilogy, I will opt to list a few of my top films. 

Hot Rod, Smokey and the Bandit and Thor Ragnarok

What about a favourite quote? 

“There are no accidents” – Master Oogway

Marshall Cooper Signal Solutions

What do you like to do in your spare time?

At the moment of answering, my time is taken by our new puppy, Lando. Named after both the F1 driver (Lando Norris) and the Star Wars character (Lando Calrissian).

Tell us one interesting thing people might not know about you?

When I was younger, I wanted to be a roller coaster designer. Life has been full of ups and downs since then!

Picture of Michelle Lenan
Michelle Lenan
Apart from officially being the most enthusiastic member of the Signal Solutions team, Michelle plays a key role in our mission to fix the UK's mobile signal problem. She spends her days creating blog posts and spreading the word across our social media platforms.