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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Signal Boosting

Guide to Mobile Signal Boosting

Your complete guide to mobile signal boosting in the UK

Struggling with poor mobile signal is a common issue faced by many in the UK. Fortunately, mobile signal boosting can provide a solution to this problem.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about mobile signal enhancement systems, with a focus on our Amplifi-Qx solution, powered by Cel-Fi signal boosters – the only legal option in the UK.

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Understanding Mobile Signal Boosting

Mobile signal boosters, also known as signal enhancers or repeaters, are devices designed to amplify weak mobile signals and improve coverage and connectivity within buildings.

They are particularly useful in areas with limited coverage, such as rural locations, basements, or inside buildings with thick walls. With mobile signal boosting, you can significantly improve the strength and quality of the mobile signal in your building.

Mobile Signal Boosting Engineer
Signal Solutions engineer installing a mobile signal boosting solution at Battersea

How Mobile Signal Boosting Works

Mobile signal boosting typically requires three main components: external antennas, the mobile signal booster units themselves, and internal antennas.

The external antennas capture the mobile signal from the nearest cell tower, whilst the mobile signal booster unit amplifies the signal and rebroadcasts it throughout the building using the internal antennas. This results in a much stronger and more reliable mobile signal.

Legal Mobile Signal Boosting in the UK

In the UK, mobile signal boosting is regulated by Ofcom to ensure the signal boosters don’t interfere with other radio equipment or cause any harm to the mobile networks.

Non-compliant signal boosters can cause significant problems for network operators, leading to dropped calls, poor call quality, and slower internet speeds. To avoid such issues, Ofcom has set strict guidelines for mobile signal boosting in the UK.

Cel-Fi: The Only Legal Mobile Signal Boosting Option In The UK

Cel-Fi signal boosters, from Nextivity, are currently the only legal option when it comes to mobile signal boosting in the UK. They have been specifically designed to meet Ofcom’s rules and regulations and are completely network-safe.

Cel-Fi boosters have advanced features, such as self-optimisation and auto-adjustment, ensuring they do not interfere with other radio equipment or disrupt mobile networks.

At Signal Solutions, we’re regularly approached by building owners who have been mis-sold illegal boosters and require our help to replace them with Nextivity Cel-Fi boosters.

Introducing Amplifi-Qx from Signal Solutions

Our own Amplifi-Qx system, which is powered exclusively by Cel-Fi signal boosters, offers an unparalleled mobile signal boosting solution for businesses across the UK.

With its intelligent design and robust performance, Amplifi-Qx ensures consistent and reliable mobile coverage while adhering to Ofcom’s regulations.

Nextivity Cel-Fi Quatra 4000E
Mobile signal boosting solution using the Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000e mobile signal booster

Analogue vs Digital Systems: Technological Differences

When choosing a mobile signal boosting solution, it’s essential to understand the technological differences between analogue and digital systems.

These distinctions impact the signal transfer process and overall performance of the mobile signal boosting system.

Analogue Mobile Signal Boosting Systems

Analogue mobile signal boosters use coaxial cables to transfer the signal between the external antenna, the booster unit, and the internal antennas. While this method is suitable for smaller installations, it has some limitations:

  • Signal loss
    Coaxial cables can result in significant signal loss (measured in decibels or dB), particularly over longer cable runs. This can reduce the overall performance and effectiveness of the mobile signal booster.
  • Limited scalability
    Due to the signal loss associated with coaxial cables, analogue systems might not be the best choice for larger installations where longer cable runs are required to cover the desired area.

Digital Mobile Signal Boosting Systems

Digital mobile signal boosters, on the other hand, use a combination of coaxial and CAT6 cables for signal transfer.

While the external antenna still connects to the booster unit via coaxial cable, the system converts the analogue signal into a digital format, which is then transmitted to the internal antennas using CAT6 cables.

This hybrid approach offers several advantages:

  • Reduced signal loss
    By converting the analogue signal into a digital format and using CAT6 cables, digital systems experience significantly less dB loss compared to analogue systems. This results in a stronger and more reliable mobile signal in the coverage area.
  • Greater scalability
    Digital systems can accommodate larger installations more efficiently, thanks to the reduced signal loss associated with CAT6 cables. This makes digital mobile signal boosters an ideal choice for multi-story buildings or expansive commercial spaces.
Amplifi-Qx Mobile Signal Boosting Solution

Choosing the Right Mobile Signal Booster for Your Needs

Selecting the most appropriate mobile signal boosting solution depends on factors such as the size of the area you want to cover, the type of building, and the specific network(s) you need to support.

The most important thing to decide is whether to use analogue or digital mobile signal boosting systems. Analogue systems are suitable for smaller installations where signal loss is less of a concern, while digital systems offer superior performance and scalability for larger, more complex environments.

Our team at Signal Solutions can help you choose the right Amplifi-Qx system to suit your unique requirements.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation is essential for the optimal performance of your mobile signal boosting solution. Our skilled technicians at Signal Solutions will ensure your system is set up correctly and fine-tuned to maximise coverage and signal strength.

Additionally, the self-optimising features of the Cel-Fi boosters that we use within every Amplifi-Qx system, ensure minimal maintenance, providing you with a hassle-free experience.


With a mobile signal boosting solution such as Amplifi-Qx, you can finally say goodbye to poor mobile signal and connectivity issues. As our solutions are powered by Cel-Fi, the only legal mobile signal booster option in the UK, you can trust that our solution complies with Ofcom’s regulations while providing exceptional performance.

Contact Signal Solutions today to find out more about our Amplifi-Qx mobile signal boosting system and how it can dramatically improve the mobile connectivity in your building. Simply pop your details in the form below, or give us a call on 020 3823 7365.

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