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Does cold weather affect mobile signal?

does cold weather affect mobile signal

Is winter really the worst season for mobile signal?

Frosty mornings are finally here and we haven’t quite got into the swing of setting our alarms five minutes earlier to allow for “car de-icing time” yet.
Changeable weather leads to all sorts of gripes and complaints. And one thing that Google’s noticed more people searching for at this time of year is “is cold weather bad for mobile signal?”
Being mobile signal nerds, we thought we’d be well placed to answer that question, so if you’re one of those frustrated Googlers, keep reading.

Does cold weather really interfere with mobile signal?

Now, there’s not a huge amount of evidence to suggest that the cold has much to do with network signal directly.
Sure, extreme weather like heavy snow, rain, ice and high winds could damage cell towers and lead to outages. But the cold? Not so likely.
But there’s no denying our behaviour changes when the temperature plummets. And, this might have something to do with any mobile reception problems you’ve been having.
As you probably already know, the heavier the user traffic on any particular network, the lower the data transmission rate (the Internet speed, in other words) is likely to be.
And if you’re holed up in your home, hiding from the cold under thick blankets with the heating turned up and slippers firmly on, chance are you’re not the only one.
In fact, it’s likely enough that lots of other people are kicking back and relaxing with their smartphone, tablet or laptop too. And that spike in the number of users can overload the existing infrastructure and cause slower Internet speeds and interference with signal.
Pretty inconvenient.

Are you sitting in the same place every time you log on?

You might also experience slower speeds during cold weather for the simple reason that you’re sitting in the wrong place in your house.
Say, for example, you get the best signal somewhere that isn’t all too warm, you’re probably going to seeking comfort and – more importantly – heat in another part of your home. And if there are walls between you and the signal, you could end up with poor mobile signal.
Walls can absorb a signal and weaken it dramatically, leaving you unable to join that important work call.
There’s a better solution to solve your mobile signal woes
This winter, with all the country in lockdown and without much reason to get out and about, it’s likely that mobile signal problems like these are only going to be accentuated.
And while you won’t be able to stop the cold creeping in during the winter months. And you will have to keep scraping that ice from the windscreen, there are things you can do to make sure your mobile signal doesn’t take the hit too.
And we don’t just mean rearranging all the furniture in your home.

With a mobile signal booster, walls aren’t an issue and nor is the number of people online.

At Signal Solutions Ltd, we go to buildings where there’s insufficient mobile coverage and we provide reliable, consistent signal to turn things around for the people inside. We use industry-leading Nextivity Cel-Fi technology to create a bespoke system that boosts signal throughout your building, no matter how many people are tucked up with Netflix or home schooling or attending important work calls.
If you’d like to talk about installing the solution to your wintry worries and ensuring you stay connected this year, give us a call on 020 3823 7365.
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