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7 Practical steps to increase your mobile phone signal

increase your mobile phone signal

Mobile connection giving you grief? Try these free tips

Never before has remote communication been so crucial for mental wellbeing as during the Coronavirus lockdowns. In 2021, having a reliable way to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues is crucial to making life work. It might sound dramatic, but under these circumstances, that’s just the way the cookie’s crumbling. 
There are still plenty of areas in the countryside where mobile signal is so poor you can’t guarantee you’ll be able to make a call any time you like. And there’s that strange phenomenon that always seems to hit when it’s least welcome; when your phone simple refuses to admit it’s got signal in an area that’s usually perfect for mobile connection.
If desperate for a quick fix to make a call immediately, try simply removing the case on your phone, heading to the highest point in the house and facing the nearest signal tower (which you can find here)
But if you’ve got some time, before you go running upstairs and dangling yourself halfway out the window, here are a few tips you can try to improve your mobile signal problem. Best try them in this order…

1. Simple! Switch airplane mode off and on

It’s the standard first response to any first world problem. Have you turned it off and on again?! Depending on the type of phone, swipe down, up or diagonally to bring up its simple settings view. Tap the airplane mode icon (err, the one that looks like an aeroplane) and wait up to a minute for it to cut its Wi-Fi and mobile signal. Then tap it on again. Didn’t work ? Try step 2.

2. Restart your phone

Let’s turn step 1 up a notch and shut the whole device down. There’s a lot going on inside that mini-computer in your palm. So let it rest for a moment; turn it off and give it a minute to iron out the hiccups. If it’s still not connecting to the cellular or data network once you’ve turned it back on, move on to step 3.


3. Take out your SIM card

If you’re a strange kind of human who still knows where the SIM card tool that came with the phone is, use it remove the SIM. And if you’re like the rest of us, use an unfolded paperclip. Check it for damage and put it back in the tray in the right position. (Though if your phone is run on an eSIM, please don’t spend half an hour looking for the tray. Hint: it’s not there.)


4. Check your carrier and network settings (this one’s just for iPhone)

Make sure your carrier settings are up to date to optimise your iPhone’s connectivity. Go to Settings > General > About and if an update is available, you’ll get a prompt to install it. If that doesn’t work, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and wipe the slate clean. Doing this will reset your saved Wi-Fi passwords
though, so remember to reconnect once your phone restarts.

5. Give up and use Wi-Fi instead

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a tenable solution. (How are you going to phone Granddad’s landline or make a call to a new client?) But if you don’t actually need the mobile signal right this minute, use your broadband for Wi-Fi calling instead. Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom for mobile; it can all be done via a Wi-Fi connection.


6. Switch your network

Now we really are getting extreme. If you consistently have poor mobile signal at home, why not switch to another provider?

Each provider has a coverage checker on their website, so you can find out who’s the best candidate to turn your signal problems around. It’s easy to switch, and no problem to keep your current number.

The only issue you’re likely to run into is ending the contract early, if you’ve still got several months to go. Generally, providers will charge you an early termination fee to cancel the contract, on top of your final bill.

7. Get a legal mobile signal booster

If the problem is with the signal strength outside or with your building blocking the signal then changing provider won’t help. It’s time to consider mobile signal boosters.
At Signal Solutions, we use Nextivity Cel-Fi technology to solve problems like this one for good.
We’ll install a receiver at your home and pop a booster somewhere  where mobile signal is super strong, so you can enjoy a great mobile connection every minute of every day.
Our solutions are fully compliant with Ofcom licensing laws, 100% legal, unconditionally network safe and extremely cost effective too.
So if you need more help, give us a call on 020 3823 7365.
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Apart from officially being the most enthusiastic member of the Signal Solutions team, Michelle plays a key role in our mission to fix the UK's mobile signal problem. She spends her days creating blog posts and spreading the word across our social media platforms.