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Powered by Cel-Fi technology, Amplifi-Qx could supercharge the mobile signal in your building. Discover our groundbreaking solution for flawless connectivity.

What is Amplifi-Qx?

Amplifi-Qx is a cutting-edge mobile signal enhancement solution designed to dramatically improve connectivity in any building. Utilising advanced Cel-Fi signal booster technology, Amplifi-Qx ensures a seamless communication experience with optimal signal strength and stability.

Our tailored approach includes a thorough feasibility analysis, custom solution design, meticulous project planning, expert installation, post-installation optimisation, and ongoing system maintenance and support. With a diverse clientele ranging from the NHS to the National Grid, Amplifi-Qx is the trusted choice for mobile signal improvement, delivering unparalleled performance and consistent coverage in buildings of all sizes and types.

The Amplifi-Qx Solution Lifecycle

The Amplifi-Qx design process ensures the highest quality mobile signal enhancement for your building. We follow a structured approach that includes six crucial stages, from initial suitability analysis to ongoing system maintenance and support. Each step in our process is meticulously planned and executed by our expert team of designers and engineers.

Stage 1: Amplifi-Qx Suitability Assessment

Each new project undergoes a thorough evaluation by our skilled team to determine if Amplifi-Qx is a suitable solution. While Amplifi-Qx is ideal for most buildings, there are cases where it may not be the best fit, such as in small residential structures or extremely remote areas with no existing external mobile signal.

Stage 2: Custom Amplifi-Qx Solution Design

Amplifi-Qx solutions are individually designed for each building they serve. Numerous factors are considered, including external signal strength, building design, coverage area size, riser locations, and more. Our in-house, custom-designed software enables us to analyse these variables, ensuring the most effective solution design.

Stage 3: Amplifi-Qx Pre-Installation Preparation

Upon approval of the Amplifi-Qx solution design, our team focuses on facilitating a hassle-free installation. We conduct a pre-install site survey to double-check design details and minimise unforeseen challenges during installation. In addition, we coordinate dates with all parties, perform essential health and safety preparations, and secure required equipment.

Stage 4: Amplifi-Qx System Deployment

Each Amplifi-Qx installation is one-of-a-kind and comes with its own obstacles. Our experienced team has successfully completed installs in a wide range of buildings, including offices, hotels, hospitals and police stations. We are committed to executing installations with minimal disturbance and keeping you well-informed throughout the entire process.

Stage 5: Amplifi-Qx Performance Optimisation

After we have installed and activated your Amplifi-Qx solution, our software performs several checks to confirm optimal configuration for the strongest, most stable mobile signal. We establish a remote monitoring system to closely observe the system for the first 60 days, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, we'll provide a post-install survey report to showcase the signal improvements within your building.

Stage 6: Ongoing Amplifi-Qx Care & Monitoring

Once your Amplifi-Qx system has been handed over, you'll be able to monitor it using the Amplifi-Qx Portal, an intuitive platform that offers an overview of all your systems, project files, and survey reports. The portal also allows you to raise and view support tickets. Our Amplifi-Qx solutions include 3 years of monitoring as standard, with an optional upgrade to a fully maintained system available upon request.

Amplifi-Qx Powered By Cel-Fi
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